Deleting social media

Content warning: talk about body image and low self worth


Social media has both been positive and negative for me over the many years of using it. I got my first Facebook profile when I was 10 (I’ve remade my account three times since then) and I’m now 19 and have joined other social media platforms too.

The big positive for me was that it helped me meet people online who I could talk to and help me feel less lonely, as I didn’t feel close with any of my friends at school (partly my fault, but I can’t do much about that now). I met people on there who I became really close with. Two of which I’m still talking to today but most of them faded away for me.

There also comes a negative with this. I’ve mentioned this on a previous post but I don’t talk to many people online anymore and when I do, it doesn’t lead anywhere for me so I’m giving up, essentially. I have people I know in real life so I want to try and be closer with them instead.

The other negative is that, apart from friendships which mostly dwindle away, I get no benefit from them. I just scroll for hours and I just waste my time. People do say important and smart stuff on twitter which is great but I just like it and scroll past and forget their tweet two seconds later. With Instagram, I always felt like my profile wasn’t good enough and I had to take a good selfie then I would get jealous when other people would post photos and they were way prettier than me or they had better captions or more likes. You get where I’m going with this… I don’t always notice it but it’s still there – I compare myself to people a lot, especially about the way I look. I do the same with Facebook but, thankfully, I seem less likely to scroll for too long on there. I only use Facebook to keep up with my trans group anyway.

I deleted Instagram a couple months ago and I don’t intend on getting another account. It’s just not worth it. I would want to make the “perfect” instagram with a theme and I would have pretty pictures of the sky and perfect selfies and I wouldn’t get that.

I have deactivated my twitter account. I liked my profile layout on there (I would usually have a fictional character or actor as my profile picture and a header to match) and there were some tweets I feel guilty about deleting but I figured, it’s my profile and I can do what I want with it. And losing my layout isn’t a big deal, they were just pictures I found on Pinterest anyway. I also never tweeted anything because I never had anything interesting enough to say and when I did tweet something, maybe like 1 or 2 people liked it… and it’s not great having my self worth tied to social media like that so it’s better if I just delete my account, really.

Speaking of Pinterest, I scroll on that a lot too and even though I try to justify it (“my boards are pretty, I wouldn’t want to lose them”), it isn’t a good habit to keep up. I even scroll through posts that I don’t even care about (e.g. screenshots of tweets that aren’t funny or interesting) because they appear on my home page…

I feel like I should mention Snapchat too even though since the new update came out, I barely use it because it only shows the stories of people you’re friends with and I literally only had 1 friend on there (who I’m talking to on Facebook messenger now). I used to use Snapchat filters to take selfies because that was the only way I liked how my face looked. Which is kinda bad. But I haven’t taken a selfie in literally months and I haven’t used a Snapchat filter in even longer so there wasn’t any reason to keep the account.

But, at the moment, the only socials that I have (that I’m aware of) are Pinterest, Youtube, Facebook, and Whatsapp. I don’t know if I really count Whatsapp as a social media platform but I need it anyway to talk to my internet friends. I’m kinda proud of that and I hope it stays that way for me and maybe it will help me feel better about myself…

I think this whole post has just been me rambling about how I think social media is bad for myself. It would be a bit arrogant of me to tell everyone to delete their social media accounts just because I have had mostly a bad experience with them but just maybe try and spend less time on there and on your phone. Try turning off your phone for a bit during the day if you feel like you’ve been scrolling for too long (this helps me). If you feel like you tweet too much or post on Facebook what you’re doing all the time, try and spend a day by yourself that’s just for you. The internet doesn’t have to know every waking moment of your day and it’ll be there tomorrow.

Or don’t do that. I can’t exactly tell you what to do, can I? But maybe keep those things in mind.


4 thoughts on “Deleting social media

  1. I often feel like I should delete social media and I’m actually really impressed with your striving to do this, and I think it reflects the minimalist lifestyle. I have a secret snail mail account and write to about 35 people as a hobby so when I get to Just talk about such a pure interest and interact with people without a bunch of pretty faces and feeds it’s really refreshing and I find myself barely using my main account at all and that’s helped me and my relationships so much


    1. Thanks! I just had had enough of it tbh and i don’t miss it at all. Mostly bc I’ve got duolingo on my phone now so I use that instead of going on social media sksk. I do sometimes go on facebook but I get bored quickly so it doesn’t really count. But an email account to talk to people sounds pretty cool. Maybe you could go on a detox for a bit instead of deleting social media entirely? Idk but I agree about it helping relationships with people, definitely


      1. Thays so good! To be honest I’ve filled my accounts with so many dogs and paintings and reptiles that I enjoy going on it too much lmao but I think a detox would be good, perhaps over this summer


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