A month of (almost) no social media

I’ve run out of ideas to blog about so I thought I would talk about social media again.

Deleting social media hasn’t really changed my life. I haven’t suddenly become more motivated or productive but it has freed up my time to do things that I actually enjoy.

I have youtube still so I watch a lot of that but it still beats Twitter or Instagram. I genuinely enjoy watching you tube videos and I’ve got into watching TedEd videos so that is somewhat educational.

I’ve been writing a lot but I don’t think that has anything to do with using social media less. But rather than wasting time scrolling though my phone, I’ll be writing instead which is more productive for me.

I’ve also been trying to learn languages! And I probably wouldn’t have been focused on it if I still had social media as I would probably get distracted.

I thought I would miss social media a lot but I really don’t. The people I used to follow or talk to on there I don’t really miss and the people I would miss, I still talk to. I used to follow a lot of YouTubers and celebrities but I don’t miss seeing their posts at all. I don’t really care that I don’t know every second of their life which is surprising to me. And if I want to check up on them every now and again, that’s fine but I don’t need to be constantly checking up on them.

It’s interesting to think that I thought I enjoyed social media but all it was really was addictive. And now I have more time to fill with things I actually like.

It helped that a few months ago, I started disliking social media because I scrolled through posts that I really didn’t care about. I tried to stop but I couldn’t if it was still easy to get onto my account on my phone. So I just deleted it and I’m glad I did.

I still use my phone all the time but not as much as I used to and for different and (sometimes) more productive things.

Let me know your thoughts on social media and if you would consider deleting it or not.


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